AMCS Forecasting

Advanced forecasting to optimize timing of stock replenishment or stock collection

AMCS Transport Optimisation

The AMCS Forecasting module is an advanced forecasting tool and an integrated part of AMCS’s planning systems.

Based on historical data, the module forecasts the replenishment time of stocks, or reversed, forecasts when stocks are filled up and need collection. AMCS Forecasting automatically generates orders, which are moved to the planning system’s order bank for planning.

The forecasts are generated based on historical data. The more historical data that are in the system the better, but the system can also forecast based on only one or two weeks of data. The short term data provide insight into the trends at the current stage, and data going one or more years back will have a smoothing effect on the forecasting making it more precise.

AMCS Forecasting can be combined with automatic stock level measuring VMI tools (or manual stock level reporting) and even live sales data from the sales registers. Based on these live data, the present stock level is verified and the expected replenishment or collection time becomes even more accurate.

The AMCS Forecast module adds great value to planning situations like:

  • Replenishment of fuel products to tanks at e.g. gas stations
  • Replenishment of cement and aggregate stocks to ready-mix plants
  • Replenishment of cash in ATM’s in the cash-in-transit industry
  • Collection of waste from e.g. underground waste containers

The AMCS Forecasting module is equipped with a user-friendly GUI where the user gets a clear visualisation of the stock level and forecast curves for each stock. This enables the users to easily monitor stock levels and alarms, make manual corrections, etc.

Naturally, the module is a valuable add-on to AMCS’s planning system but can also serve as a forecasting tool for non-AMCS systems due to its service-oriented architecture.

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