AMCS Route Optimization Service

For optimization of master routes on consultancy basis

AMCS Route Optimisation Service

In addition to our traditional on-premise solutions, we now offer a Route Optimization Service which entails that we manage the optimization of master routes for our customers, using our state-of-the-art AMCS Route Planner software.

Manually planning master routes is a very time-consuming and complex activity. Consequently, re-planning of routes does not happen as often as it should and, therefore, the routes are not as efficient as they could be. If you would like to achieve the efficiency benefits by optimizing your routes, but you currently do not have available resources, we can help you. We have a highly experienced team of optimization consultants that are ready to optimize your data.

Utilizing the AMCS Route Optimization Service means that your company does not have to implement optimization software or train and use internal resources on master route planning.

Recent examples of efficiency improvements from our customers include:

  • SITA Belgium: 5-10% increase in bins emptied per hour
  • Ragn-Sells Sweden: 10% reduction in number of routes
  • AES Ireland: 15% reduction in cost per lift

The core service provides 1 full master plan optimization per year and 2 full master plan optimizations per year for commercial routes.  The optimization is delivered on a fixed, 3 year service contract based on an annual service fee. This provides you with full control of the cost associated with the service.

AMCS can also deliver ongoing maintenance of the master plan, where customers are removed or inserted into the optimized master plan. This service can either be done under a separately agreed fixed service price or based on time & material.

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Let us optimize your routes on a consultancy basis:

  • We use our state-of-the-art optimization algorithms
  • No system implementation is needed on your side
  • You provide the data and we provide your optimized routes

Fast return on investment as result normally gives:

  • 10–30% reduction in mileage
  • 5–20% reduction in number of vehicles
  • 70–95% reduction in time spent on planning

This is the process

  • Customer and AMCS agree on purpose and relevant parameters for route optimization
  • Customer delivers data in a pre-defined standard Excel-based format: Collection/delivery locations, visit patterns and volume, vehicle and shift information, depot/disposal sites locations
  • AMCS imports customer data in AMCS Route Planner software
  • AMCS consultant configures the system and optimizes all routes
  • Customer reviews and provides feedback on the optimized route plans
  • AMCS consultant re-optimizes plans based on input (as required)
  • AMCS exports the new master route plan in AMCS’ standard Excel format (plan KPIs, route KPIs and detailed route list for each route)
  • Customer imports new master routes into their host system

AMCS Route Optimisation Software

AMCS Route Optimization

AMCS Route Optimization is AMCS’s standard solution for optimization of distribution and collection routes within various industries. AMCS Route Optimization is a powerful vehicle route scheduling system which can be used for what-if simulations, master route creation, and for the daily optimization of distribution/collection routes and operations.

More Information

For further information on the product, please contact us or read more about AMCS Route Optimization Service by downloading our solution brief (PDF).