AMCS Training

AMCS training

Investing in training is an important element in the project investment, in line with selecting the right solution, establishing valid and up-to-date data and using the business intelligence to support your critical business decisions. With proper training, your team will gain a deeper understanding of the systems and learn how to make the most of the usage and the reporting capabilities. A key part of our implementation services includes system and application training for users and super-users.

Training and education will be planned according to the specific customer’s needs and wishes. AMCS recommends the “train-the-trainer” principle, according to which a number of key users within the customer’s organization are trained by AMCS consultants. The key users will then play a very active role in the education of end users. By using this approach, a high level of knowledge is kept and maintained within the customer’s organization, the key users will be able to develop best practices within the organization, and training costs will be reduced since much of the subsequent training can be carried out internally.

The AMCS solution is easy to learn due to the intuitive nature of the system. The client/server structure of the system means that IT staff and all nominated key users require a more comprehensive and extended training period than those who only use the AMCS solution as end users. This additional training ensures that the technical details, as well as the operational functionality, are understood.

Throughout the implementation project, AMCS consultants will, furthermore, assist key users and end users by providing ongoing support.

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Benefits and outcomes

  • A well-designed and implemented training program maximizes the daily usage of the solution
  • The train-the-trainer approach secures that knowledge is kept and maintained within the customer’s organization
  • With proper training users are better qualified not only for daily usage but also when it comes to suggesting future enhancements and new developments of the solution

Training options

  • On-site instructor led training
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Classroom or one-on-one sessions
  • Customzsed training documents to meet your business needs