AMCS Web Portal

Web-based extension of the core planning system for various user groups

AMCS Web Portal is a web-based extension of AMCS’s planning systems. It is directly linked to the planning system and consequently data are seamlessly exchanged between the planning systems and AMCS Web Portal.

The module adds great value to the planning system by extending the use to internal and external stakeholders other than the people operating the actual planning system.

Therefore, it facilitates fast interaction between different parts of the company and external business partners ensuring an agile operation and integrated business processes.

Thereby, AMCS Web Portal is able to serve multiple purposes such as:

  • Internal portal: Registration of depot lifting, driver access to routes & reporting, monitoring of progress, preparation of data for billing, validation of collected data, etc.
  • Haulier portal: Haulier management, resource rostering, self-billing, performance reports, etc.
  • Customer portal: Order taking/generation, time-slotting of orders, information about ETAs and service levels, access to invoices, reporting, etc.

Furthermore, the system has a service-oriented architecture and can provide services to external systems. This means that AMCS Web Portal functionality can be activated on request from external systems.

The system has an advanced facility for user and user group management which can restrict access to parts of the portal. Moreover, it can integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for management of the users and user groups. Alternatively, these can be set up directly in AMCS Web Portal.

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Features Overview

  • Monitor routes and progress on these
  • Get an overview of activities on sites (terminals, depots, etc.), both planned and actual
  • Validate data for billing and/or self-billing
  • Publish routes for approval by external hauliers
  • Keep an overview of resources and rosters
  • Give customers access to booking of orders directly in the system
  • Track and trace on orders in progress

Major Benefits

  • Improved sharing of actual, relevant and important information
  • Better communication regarding planning and activities
  • Easy access to handle tasks related to planning, arrivals and deliveries for a variety of user groups

More Information

For further information on AMCS Web Portal, please contact us.