3rd gen route optimization

Want to plan your routes more efficiently? Improve customer service? And save €? In that case it is time for third generation route optimization!

On Thursday March 16 at 11.00 CET AMCS will host a webinar (Dutch spoken) around what 3rd generation software can offer your organization, in comparison to regular route planning systems. Besides a modern approach towards planning, a third generation system also lets you involve internal and external stakeholders in the entire process, through the use of web portals and mobile solutions. In this way third generation software offers complete supply chain optimization, and is so much more than just a route planning solution.
In a short session, we show, based on a number of case studies and an interactive demo how to:

  • Reduce assets, salary, maintenance and fuel costs
  • Win and retain customers with better service, prices, response
  • Better use of vehicles resulting in more customers, more routes and more revenue

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