AMCS Cloud

Optionally, AMCS’s solutions can be deployed as cloud solutions. The cloud solutions are delivered through 3rd party data centers. Multiple data centers are used in order to serve different regions and legislative demands. Maintenance, surveillance and support are handled by AMCS personnel and tools. Data centers are chosen based on several criteria – including price, physical infrastructure, certification and up-time guarantee.

On a conceptual level, the solution has three layers: Infrastructure, platform and software. The infrastructure, (CPU, Disc, RAM, Network) is delivered by a 3rd party hosting center as Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS. This ensures that the infrastructure can be scaled up or down in case that the customer wants to serve more or fewer users/assets on the solution.

The platform (OS, IIS, MS SQL, Surveillance etc.) is installed on top of this and is delivered and maintained by the AMCS support team. The platform layer can also be scaled up and down on the fly. Finally, on top of this the AMCS solution is installed, delivered and maintained by the AMCS project team.

Please note that AMCS takes responsibility for upgrading and maintain only the infrastructure and the platform and not the software as our standard offering. A maintenance agreement for the software can be added as an option.

Guaranteed up-time, support hours and disruption management, are offered in various packages depending on how business critical the installation is and on the production hours of the delivered system. These elements are all part of the contract composition.

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