AMCS Consultancy-based

In certain cases, it does not make sense for the customer to implement the optimization software or train internal resources and use these for actual master route optimization.

AMCS’s consultants will optimize the customer’s routes on behalf of the customer, using AMCS’s optimization system, AMCS Route Planner. The optimization will happen in close cooperation with the customer when it comes to data delivery, discussions of route constraints and route validation/evaluation.

The service is delivered on a fixed, 3-year service contract based on an annual service fee. This provides the customer with full control of the costs associated with the service.

The service fee provides the following:

  • For domestic routes: 1 full master plan optimization per year
  • For commercial routes: 2 full master plan optimizations per year
  • Other service levels can be discussed and agreed upon

AMCS can also deliver ongoing maintenance of the master plan, where customers are removed or inserted into the optimized master plan. This ongoing service is not included and therefore based on time & material.

The advantages of the consultancy-based model are that no system implementation is needed on the customer’s side; no intensive training is required and fewer resources for planning and maintaining the plans are needed.

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