AMCS Implementation

AMCS has a dedicated and highly professional team of consultants working closely with customers to secure a smooth implementation of the selected solution as well as ensuring that the customer continues to gain maximum results after the project handover. AMCS follows best practices and a proven project implementation structure to ensure successful implementation and handover of every project for our customers.

A typical project of implementing the AMCS solution can be divided into three project stages:

  1. Pre-study
  2. Implementation
  3. Production

The pre-study is where the customer and AMCS get an overview of the project, together determine the scope of the project and agree on the final content of the requirement specification. More accurate project estimates and a project plan are also outcomes of the pre-study.

AMCS standard implementation has 7 stages but naturally, the weight of each phase in the overall project depends on the specific situation and the size and type of the project. In some cases, certain phases may be reduced significantly or completely omitted.

In parallel to these seven phases, there will be project management as well as training and ongoing support throughout the project.

When the implementation project is complete, the project enters the production stage where the solution becomes operational and the customers start to get real benefits from their investment.

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Major benefits

  • Mutual definition of project scope and alignment of expectations to ensure that the project meets the customer requirements and expectations
  • Detailed project requirement specification, project plan and acceptance test protocol
  • Development of additional functionality and configuration of interfaces is carried out and tested internally at AMCS, preventing tedious error corrections at the customer site
  • Customer involvement during testing and verification of the requirements specification fulfilment, ensuring that the delivery corresponds to the expectations of the customer
  • Continued focus after go-live ensuring that the AMCS solution will remain a valuable asset to the customer

Standard implementation phases:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Build
  • Install
  • Test
  • Go-live
  • Production