Service Industry

Improving efficiency within field service transportation

AMCS Service Planner is an advanced optimization system, which contains a significant amount of industry-specific functionality for the field service industry. With its high level of configuration options, AMCS Service Planner is able to meet the demands within the field service industry. The system covers the entire planning process going from planning/optimizing periodical service assignments to urgent and ad hoc order insertion in existing plans and even to real-time planning, optimization, execution and re-optimization.

Selection of industry-related functionalities:

  • Planning and optimization of fixed periodic jobs with a flexible choice of service day
  • Immediate insertion of ad hoc jobs and urgent jobs into an existing plan
  • Insertion of call center customer bookings into the existing plan, both on the current day and on future dates
  • Planning with dependency on sub-jobs, i.e. when spare parts need to be picked up before the job can be carried out, or when one type of technician needs to carry out a job before another technician can perform a certain task
  • Transportation of spare parts to depots according to need, either with dedicated vehicles or through a service technician
  • Selection of the right technician for the job; cost function which imposes a penalty for choosing technicians who are overqualified for the tasks
  • Advanced selection of the right technician for the job; cost function which plans according to driving costs while also ensuring that the least qualified among the qualified employees is chosen for the task
  • Prioritization of orders in terms of driving costs versus service demands (time windows and customer priority)
  • Ability to plan based on “must orders” with fixed time windows and delivery days as well as orders with a longer time horizon which may be executed at a time, where it fits well with the current routes
  • Web-based dialogue for placing of orders through customer self-service
  • Ability to prioritize service personnel’s usual districts but also allowing for overlap between districts when needed

Major benefits

AMCS Service Planner is an advanced IT system, which enables companies to improve operational efficiency significantly and achieve major savings in transportation costs.

  • Remarkably improved customer service levels; close to a 100% service fulfilment rate
  • Reductions in CO2 emissions, mileage and driving time of 5-20%
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of service technicians vehicles for the same amount of service jobs
  • Between 25 and 75% less time spent on planning
  • Time spent on registration and follow-up reduced by 30-60%
  • Significantly increased route quality and planning flexibility
  • A less stressful working environment and increased employee satisfaction


Over the years, the features of AMCS Service Planner have been developed, based on extensive industry-specific knowledge, which AMCS has acquired from our customers within the industry. These references include: Arbejdstilsynet (Danish Working Environment Authority), MicroFix, OBH-Gruppen, Neisa Danmark, Canon Business, ProAssist and The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

More Information

For further information on AMCS’s industry-specific transportation planning solution for the service industry, please contact us.